Form 1+ for sale (OH)

I am selling my lightly used Form 1 +. I have just installed brand new mirrors in it and I have 2 build platforms. I also have the cleaning kit minus the vats. I may get new ones and throw them in if i get a decent offer.

be careful, this machine is obsolète !

Form 1 and Form 1+ are not the same…

CyprienD is correct htis is not a Form 1, this is a Form 1 plus.

No problem, its obsolescence is scheduled for soon

Are you implying that I am cheating people? I did not list a price I am entertaining offers. There are other machines for sale on this forum why are you singling me out?

Form1+ is not obsolete and Formlabs will continue to sell supplies for it. There is also OpenFL that allows Form1 users to use 3rd party resins with custom exposures.
There are also 3rd party tanks from Z-vat, a FEB vat being developed and clear tanks, laser modules, and other parts available for it on AliExpress.

To say it is obsolete is misleading. Perhaps you weren’t aware what is out there for it.

Thank you there is a ton of info on these forums. I’m simply trying find a good home for this machine as with 2 young children I don’t have as much time as I did before. And with all the form 1+ for sale on this forum I can’t fathom why he chose to say anything.

Honestly if I had a choice between the 2 machines I prefer the simplicity of the Form1 series. I think Formlabs should come up with an improved entry level machine and base it off the Form1+ and simply seal the optics. I would think doing that and having the software open as they do for the tinkerers they would do really well with them.


Thanks to all of you backed me up on this post. I put my printer up on eBay and it sold rather quickly. Did way better than I expected. This was my first time putting something up for sale on the forums and one person made it uncomfortable. Rather disappointing. Well to those that spoke on my behalf thank you and I appreciate the support

Glad it worked out for you.

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