Selling my practically brand new Form1+

I love my form1+ but needed a higher resolution dlp printer for my jewelry business and I hate to see it sit pretty much unused (other than a few prints for 3dhubs users)

I want to keep it but don’t have the room and would rather it goes into to the hands of someone who will put it into good use.

Listed it on Ebay if anyone wants to take a look

Including 4 brand new vats and 2 build plates. Asking for $2800.

The printer is not a refurbished unit. It was a brand new form1+ unit (dark gray color case). Formlabs generously exchanged it for me a few months ago. The printer was used about 10-15 times after that and is in excellent condition.

Will still follow the forum and maybe get a form2 when it comes out. :slight_smile:

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