Any way to use tough resin on Form1 (not the Form1+)?

I have a the original Form1 printer and I need to print some small parts for mechanical testing. Is there anyway I can use the tough resin or something similar on the form1?

In PreForm when I choose the Form1 printer the only tough resin that is selectable is V1 and that is no longer sold.

Unfortunately, I do not believe you will get the results you are looking for.

I recommend checking out:

I believe the Modeling Plus may be the resin you want to test out. I haven’t used it yet but the Modeling resin printed very nicely on the 1+ and the resins use the V1 profiles.

Thanks for the tip! Good for me they use the v1 profiles! : ) I will search the forum to see if I can find anyone who has tried the Modeling Plus!

Another alternative would be to buy tough resin v3 and in Preform select v1. Maybe the difference is so small that it doesn’t matter.

Anyone have any thought on this?

I’d typically recommend against using older PreForm profiles with newer materials. The differences between Tough v1 and Tough v3 are quite different and the Tough v1 material profile is unlikely to work well. Unfortunately, materials for the original Form 1 are limited and using Clear v2 or experimenting with 3rd party resins is your best bet.

OK. Thanks for the clear reply!

I currently have an issue with lines on the prints, but if I manage to solve that I will go for the third party Modeling Plus. It seems promising.