Announcing Tough Resin + Contest

We’re excited to announce our latest functional resin. For a long time, our users have been asking for a resin that creates durable, ABS-like like parts. We’ve worked really hard on perfecting the formulation and we’re excited to announce our new Tough Resin.

Tough Resin is perfect for prototyping and engineering challenges that require rugged, impact resistant parts. And with our new Tough Resin, you get a resilient part with all the excellent detail you have expected from your Form 1+ 3D printer. These prints will absorb high-impact and other mechanical stressors, where other parts would have snapped or shattered.

You will be surprised at the properties behind this resin. We’ve even created a Rube Goldberg machine where we 3D printed some of the major mechanisms with Tough Resin to illustrate its physical properties.

Tough Resin Contest
Finally, to celebrate the launch of Tough Resin, we’re hosting a contest. Tell us what you’ll use Tough Resin to create and the best three answers will receive a liter of Tough Resin and a fresh resin tank. To enter the contest, fill out this form.

Tough Resin is available for purchase in the web store today and will begin shipping in a few weeks.


I am VERY excited by this news update!

How rigorous has the testing been on the resin? Can the results from the tests be published in full? How does model orientation effect the weakness of the final models?

I have a use for this resin that will properly test it’s capability. Need to document and get it sent to you guys.

Now if only they hadn’t sent me back a poorly calibrated machine from my last repair this would be exciting. Instead my Form1+ still sits in it’s box unopened a couple months after I got it back.

Going to use it to print electrical header connector for Automotive use

@Formlabs The testing machine video was great; a fun and perversely practical way to demonstrate the new resin. Nice work :slight_smile:


WAs waiting for this … pity it means another price jump from the normal one.

Going to print up some robot gripper fingers as soon as I get mine, currently I get them made off site out of delrin. This could save the company some big dollars if it works out. :slight_smile:

The Tough Resin Giveaway ends tomorrow July 7th at 11:59pm ET. If you haven’t entered yet, make sure you tell us what you would use Tough Resin to create before the final deadline for a chance to win.

link in your post is inop for me anyway… firefox on linux

Thanks for the heads up. I just changed the link so it should work now.

When will it be announced who has won?

We should be announcing the winners on or around July 21st, as per the terms and conditions.

Here are a set of three jaw chuck fingers I made, these will be used to remove delicate parts from one of our CNC lathes.


Awesome, remember to post-cure them! Would love to see the pieces in action.

Oh yeah, post cured. All dimensions were in spec . Just waiting for production to install.

Chris: would you mind being a bit more precise with regards to ‘dimensions were in spec’? Like, what kind of tolerances were maintained on what kind of dimensions in which axes? I imagine with such a purpose in mind you are trying to hold reasonable engineering tolerances… and, did you notice a difference between dimensions/tolerances close to the base compared to at the top of the support structure?

For example, if a dimension close to the base is spot on, I will typically see approx. 0.05-0.1mm reduction in size per cm in length and height above base on thinner parts, i.e. a 3mm thick plate oriented, say, 45 degrees to the base in x and y directions, that should measure 100mm, will close to the base be pretty much on the money; at 70mm above the base this 100mm ends up being closer to 99.3mm, at 40mm above the base I would expect around 99.6mm. That is worst case, I think, with thicker parts being closer to model dimensions, regardless of height above the platform… so maybe your part, which is thick, will indeed, even at an (estimated) 70mm above the base, be inside a couple of tenths of a mm…?

Would also love to see them in action :smiley:!

Hello Seagull, I after curing I checked to my print and since it has been awhile I do not want to guess at which axis is which. But as far as what I checked the first radius near the bottom (Farthest from build platform) print was R16 +0.02 -0 , the next radius was R 13.5+0.021 -0 Overall all length 43 ±0.3 Width 15 ± 0.2 Depth 37.47 ± 0.3 and of course mounting holes. All dimensions were good. Noting with the tools I have the radius I can not swear to the + tolerance but they were not on the minus side.
Production has still not needed to install, they are not running the part as of yet But when they do I will update.

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First radius should state closet to build platform

So, who received the winning message yesterday and what is he/she going to print with the tough resin? :slight_smile:

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