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Video: smash testing the Standard resin vs Tough resin


There are not a lot of videos or real world comparison to give people an idea of the various strengths and weaknesses of different resins, so I figured I’d make a short video of me smashing 3D printed parts created using the new Tough and Standard resins. Hope it helps someone get an idea of just how much stronger the Tough resin actually is (so long as you do a proper cure for Tough material).

[VIDEO] testing a nozzle made with Tough resin @ 195 PSI w/ water
Standard material bracket load / stress test video

Wow! I never realized just how tough that stuff was. Thanks for making this video.


Nice demo on the Tough Resin Kenny!



I worked on this resin and even I was like “damn!” at the same time as you. Great comparison and demo. I was also going to call out that post-curing tough significantly improves the mechanical properties so I’m glad you mentioned having done that.


Glad you enjoyed it Jory!


Hi Jennifer,

Yea so far I’ve been really impressed with the mechanical strength of the Tough resin!

Best regards…


Wow, that’s impressive. Is it actually possible to get the resin to ABS like strengths? I am curious about some half scientific comparison videos of breaking a simple tough prints (like a small flat rectangle) that had different amounts of UV exposure.

Anyone? :slight_smile:


That is a great video @Kenny_Wilson, hanks. It really shows the difference. It looks like tough might be comparable to PETG. I’ll print and send you some if you want to do some more comparisons for us.


For those with experience with the “tough” material: how appropriate would it be for a snap-latch feature?

I often use the Black 01 material to print prototype electronic housing with snap-fit features, most of which break on first use. It would be nice to have a better solution.


I think it would work just fine. Even after I split the tough part from using the vise in the video, the material eventually returned to a cylindrical shape after being curled within itself after splitting.

We don’t really deal with any snap-fit parts here at my work but if I get some spare time or someone wants to send me a very simple assembly to test with the Tough material that won’t use a ton of resin, I may try it out and report back.



Thanks for the super generous offer, but I should have access to the tough material in about 2-5 days on this end (fingers crossed).

Thank you too for investing the time/material to test and post your results with the tough resin. It’s a big help to the rest of us–and much appreciated.



How well would you say the Tough preforms in terms of detail/resolution fidelity?


Hi Padua,

I’ve only printed the Tough with the lowest resolution setting (I think it’s 1mm?). The detail is fine but you can see some build lines (depending on print orientation and part geometry of course) but this is really no different than how it would look printing on the lowest resolution with the standard materials. Both of which the lines can be easily removed by light sanding in post. That being said the detail is certainly there as it prints fine threads without issue and I’m able to create seals with the part. You can see my test with air and water @ 195 PSI in this thread.


Kenny! Thank you!

I went to my computer to see if I could find a video of someone trying to smash up regular versus tough resin, and boom, exactly what I wanted.


Great practical testing. It looks like the material being slightly flexible makes a big difference.