Tough material bracket stress test video

This material continues to amaze me. It’s interesting that despite abuse and loads, the material tends to return to its original shape, even if crushing the part in a vise! Figured I’d share some another one of my test videos.


I have started to get my Popcorn out whenever you post! :grin:

:smiley: well hang tight! I’m printing the same bracket to show you how the standard material performs on the same test. Should be uploaded today.

@Kenny_Wilson How do your Tough prints fare over time? Some of my older ones from mid December are quite brittle now.

My main theories regarding this are low RH during the winter months drying out the finished part, geometrically inefficient parts (smaller wall thickness, sharp corners, etc), and incorrect post cure process.

Sorry to immediately go OT on you, this might actually be worthy of it’s own thread. Tough resin is phenomenal stuff, but can be tough (hehe) to work with.

@Brandon_Andrzejewski I’ve only had the Tough material since the beginning of the year but my parts still seem good. I’ll keep an eye on them. I live in the US (southern region) so it doesn’t really get cold here in winter compared to most places.

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