First Tough resin build. Impressed

After a bit of a shaky start with the Form2, My love for it is starting to grow
First build in the Tough V4 last night and today I have my prototype parts. Cant put a price on that.


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Just beware, Tough likes to creep. Especially if you heat it up. I print almost everything in Tough because the parts are fundamentally more functional than the clear/black/grey/white resins. But depending on what the parts need to do, I have trouble keeping them from deforming over time… this is particularly true for thinner features.

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I’ve noticed that they get brittle after a while. And there not good at impact.

I’ll look out for this, these will be used in a fast media bay. So may get warm. Might be a concern, cheers.

Hi , I have a question. I just got the version 4 in tough but my printer does not have it in the materials screen as an option. Only goes to version 3. What do I do? I’m ready to print.
Thanks Rick

Update your software. Download the latest version from Formlabs website.

I did have just a week or two older version of the software. I just got my machine two weeks ago and bought Tough Version 4 two days ago. Crazy times.
I’ll post again to let others know what results I got.

Ok that was it. Just needed to update and reinstall the software. Version 4 tough loaded up as a material to select. Now to print.

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Just did a little heat test… yeah, its not great.

If you fully post-cure the parts your heat deflection performance will improve but it’s still not recomended for high temperature applications.

The technical datasheet for tough is available here (heat deflection numbers are on page 2):

And here are some details on using and post-curing Tough resin:

Thanks Jason, Yep, parts were post-cured… Not saying it’s useless, It certainly has its place on my shelf - just not exactly as ABS like as I would like :slight_smile: ABS is typically twice? the figure quoted on the spec sheet @1.8Mpa & @0.45Mpa

Any way, time will tell, this media is new and we have no way of knowing ‘yet’ exactly how much heat it will generate or how much of that will be transmitted to the surrounding areas. all this will depend on how hard we can push it & our cooling strategy & by that time we may already have injection moulded parts around us.

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