I videoed some different cure settings of "Tough" material and how it changed durability for my applications

This is no editing, just threw the clips together. Not the most scientific, but I tested 20, 40, and 60 minute cure times at 45C. I’m using a Wicked Engineering Curebox.

20 minutes felt no different than a 60 minute cure, but the results were very different.


The scientific method is always more entertaining when it involves throwing things… Great job with iterating on different settings here. If you’re looking for high impact strength, Durable Resin is a great option.

Throwing things is entertaining, setting things on fire…:fire:…now that’s fun. Not recommended with resin however :slight_smile:

The strength and impact resistance between my parts and @mkmachining’s parts is very dramatic. I’ve never had a tough part break…ever…except yesterday when i cracked it with a hammer.

Why did you use open mode ? What I got from the beginning of your video was that prior to printing in the open mode the parts broke from the 9" drop…? Am I missing something or is it only the time and temp in question here ?

I just mentioned these were printed in open mode in case that changed anything with the printing itself. I was using open mode because both my cartridges of “Tough” were reading worn out and unusable, even though I had printed well less than 1L through each.

And yes, at a 60 minute, 60C cure I had parts break from drops of mere inches onto my desk. I was cleaning up one part and dropped it literally a few inches and it broke in half.

These resins are rapidly becoming my favorite - I like the practical way of testing and demonstration of properties that anyone can understand!!!

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That ultra hard and tough looks awesome. I’m going to contact the company tomorrow and see if I can’t get some samples of parts made from a few materials.