Form 1+ Resin

I noticed Formlabs doesn’t sell the bottles of resin for the Form 1+ anymore. Does anyone know where I can get more resin for it?

If you want to use their resin, you can simply buy a cartridge, then pour the contents into the printer vat.

Alternately, you can buy 3rd party resins like ApplyLabWorks, which work perfectly fine in the older printers (Form 1/1+, Form 2)

Black Resin 1 L


works fine in my 1+

ApplyLabWork Black. 1L same material properties as the Formlabs RS-F2-GPBK-04: $70. Uses the same profile in PreForm.

I’d just like to chime in and say that not all Formlabs modern resins are optimized for the Form 1+ anymore. I have had much better luck with the Clear V4 equivalent from ApplyLabWorks than the Formlabs Grey V4 for example.

Hi everyone!

All of our standard resins (Black, Clear, Grey, and White), as well as our High Temperature Resin are still compatible with the Form 1 and Form 1+. Simply pour the contents of the cartridge into the printer vat and you’re ready to print!

If you’re having issues printing with these resins, the issue is likely with your machine. As a first step, we recommend cleaning the mirrors. However, if that doesn’t work or if you would like more guidance on the process, be sure to reach out to our support team! They’ll be happy to help you start printing with compatible resins.

Thank you for the correction! I’ll be in touch :slight_smile:


Hey @Linnar any news ? Trying to set back to life an old Form 1+… Many thanks !


My problems turned out to be an entirely different issue, where the tilt mechanism stepper was broken. Got that replaced (see my other thread), and all is well! Prints great using ApplyLabWorks resins, I never ended up using the Formlabs grey in the end.

Ok :wink:

Any advice for form 1+ VAT ? Didi you went building a DIY solution ? FEP or PDMS ?

I’m using what came with the printer, a Z-VAT made of glass:

Ok, so you rebuild the PDMS layer in the bottom of the VAT every time when needed ?

It has some light fogginess in a spot from the previous owners, but I’ts always worked fine and never needed a replacement. What issues are you having with your Form 1?

Just trying to set back to life an old Form 1+ wich still looks ok, but came without VAT, neither resin. So, need to find an “actual” solution for the VAT and resin, both compatible with “old” machine. Open to hacked / DIY solutions, since this machine is not maintained by formlabs anymore…

There are still some options around I think, this one for example: DIY Resin tank for SLA 3D Printer for Form1 form 1+ | eBay
I can’t speak to quality etc for that one specifically, but both them and Z-Vat should still be available (Shop Z-Vat Glass Resin Tank for Formlabs 3-D Printers)

The vat is a pretty simple thing though, so if you’re willing to put in some time I’m sure you could make one out of laser-cut acrylic and a PDMS pour.

There is also the Peopoly Moai vat, if that’s something you can find: Peopoly Moai FEP Vat in Form1/1+ without mechanical levelling

Good luck! I don’t regret a second of the work I put in to get mine functional, it is still a very dependable and accurate printer despite it’s age :slight_smile:

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Ok have a question I too an trying to get my form1+ going it prints the raft, platform but won’t build anything after that, did this with their resins(hence shelling it and out sourcing work) but though may as well fire it up, trying anycube resin 405 uv rated but get same results any suggestions, (vat is clean, Mirror is clean prints Base in right p,ace