The new gray less than the old old grey

The new grey resin (only from photo’s) seems less than the original gray, less solids means more translucent less


Maybe it’s a new formula. Like… the formula is (take some clear resin and mix some pigment = new and improved grey resin)?

I will receive a grey bottle on Wednesday if Fedex is not lying, I’ll try to get some pictures.


@ Damien B will be interested in what you get, why not try that gear print that Formlabs used to sell us the functionality of the Form1 see if you get the same, more or less than was promised?

@ Monger D, a mind reader eh!

Are you having problems with the froth in the new gray?

You realize you’re replying to a 4 year old post, right?

The old and new gray they were referring to was the v1 and v2. The current grays a v3 and now, v4.

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OMG! I thought the ability to reply was shut down after 4 months. My bad!