@Formlabs - great work on recent Preform and Firmware releases

Hey @Formlabs, just wanted to say thanks for the brilliant recent Preform and Firmware releases; 100µ support layers, 0.3mm support contacts (which is utterly awesome), x-y fine tuning for form2, and also the fix for random Preform “error occurred” when generating supports…

There’s nothing left on my wishlist now except for 3D mouse support … (3Dconnexion please)

Fantastic work - I don’t know if smaller support contact points was on the request list - but it was a very nice surprise. Keep’em coming.



Also no pre-warm-up of resin. The tank is heated as the build begins laying out the support base.
saves time. Or is this just with mine??!


@alan1950 yes, you’re right, I noticed my last print seemed to start quickly, but didn’t pay attention. But now you mention it, I can see the printer panel now says “print will start at 22c” instead of at 30c as it did before latest firmware. Nice :slight_smile:

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That early start sounds really good…but won’t that be bad for parts that print without the supports? :sweat_smile:

The heating isn’t absolutely necessary, but it can help a little.

That was good to know… Ran a print last night and it started right off the bat… Through me off like Kevin said, I wasn’t paying attention as sometimes I will just run an old file to preheat the machine then cancel it before it starts so the actual print I am working on will start quicker… Guess I won’t be doing that anymore :slight_smile:

Does make me wonder though what will happen in the winter when my area is much cooler then the summer.

I think the point is that 22c is fine for the first layer - and as that layer and the subsequent few layers are so slow, (including ultra slow peels) that by the time layers and peels are speeding up, the resin will definitely been heated to 30c.

Seems like a neat “freebie” by the engineers to me. Thanks @Alan1950 for picking up on it …

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