PreForm Software Update 1.2

Just wanted to give ya’ll a heads up that we’ve posted a new software update! Check out all of the details here:

I can’t get the link or the main site to open, is it just me?

nevermind,  it took a couple dozen tries but its open now, idk what the deal was.

I just love software updates, thanks for the improvements and hard work formlabs.

Anyone else having software crashing issues when loading new models in the build area? For some reason after this update my preform doesn’t work anymore and i get crashes to Blue Screen with restart following. Tried to revert back to v1.1 and same issue.

Submitted a Support Ticket.

excellent news re: separate X and Y scaling, that’s great - that should solve most accuracy issues - but why only ±4%? My Y axis galvo just went out by over 10% so the software update wouldn’t have helped me …

Supposedly, if your printer is out more than 5% they recommend to open a support ticket. As your unit should not be off by that much.

Just received my printer and the software asked if I wanted to update the firmware.  Of course I said yes but received an error saying something about can’t open a DFU file.  Then the printer shut off and had to be power-cycled to get back on.  Everything is working fine but what the crap does all that mean?  Thanks.

@Andrew - sure, but it seems like such an arbitrary and artificial restriction that could end up penalising folks who are out of warranty and can’t raise a ticket.

Not that it concerns me personally of course, I’m quite happy with adjusting the hardware now. Despite the “Formlabs” text printed on the galvo daughterboards - they are identical in appearance to those of the PhenixTechnology PT-20K galvos, and the documentation on those confirms the trimpot I’ve been using does adjust the magnitude of galvo deflection.

However - what does really concern me, why is there no Z-axis scaling as well? I have yet to make a vertical calibration piece that I’m 100% happy with, but my tests so far indicate I’m getting close to 1% expansion when printing at 0.1mm… And I don’t think there’s any solution at the moment other than scaling parts externally - which is a royal pain in the arse - since you have figure out the best orientation for printing first - then go back to your original modelling software, approximate that orientation, apply the Z-axis scaling and then re-import your part to preform.

@Shawn - After your printer is put in DFU mode it will look like the machine is off. Just have windows install the DFU drivers and then restart Preform and it should prompt you for the firmware update, let it run. Then power your printer back on and everything should be good to go.

@Kevin - I’m sure its prob to get those people out of warranty… but a quick search and those galvos aren’t even that expensive. +/- $120.00

+1 for the Z scaling too!

Nice update, but disappointed there is no toggle switch for the quick release tabs. I was hoping that would come in this update.

Also, I hope the adjustments to the XY scaling is not the equivalent to a calibration tool that is very much needed. On my printer I have noticed that printing something in the center yields more accurate prints than at the edges of the build platform. For things like that XY scaling is not enough. It’s not a huge issue for me because I don’t print that many models that need to be super accurate, but I can see how it can be a problem for other things.

MD - I have noticed the part size difference in parts printed at the edge vs the centre of the build area as well - my observation is that parts are printed smaller in the centre and larger towards the edges.

It seems as if galvos are incorrectly driven using a direct linear relationship between galvo angular position and position of laser spot in the build area - when of course the distance travelled by the laser spot increases per degree of galvo deflection the closer you get to the edge of the build area.

Instead of the apparently linear formula, the galvo should instead be driven by simple high school trigonometry;** O/A = tanΘ**

Where O = laser spot X/Y distance from centre of build area, A = distance from galvo mirror to centre of build platform, and Θ of course is the angle of galvo deflection from centre.

Now that the more significant X/Y errors can be easily be adjusted for - this definitely needs fixing.

I run 1.2 on Win7. When I’m waiting for time estimation computer is shutting down automatically.

I wonder what fix has been released in 1.2.1?

Thats a good Question! Still doesn’t work for me and getting a BSOD. For some reason windows isn’t creating a minidump of the event either. Going to Reinstall windows and try again on a fresh install… Will Report back soon.

Hmm…those of you running into issues with Windows would be doing us a favor if you opened a support ticket with our team. Just send a note to with details of your system (OS,behavior, etc.).

We roll out patches and such regularly, so if we can isolate the issue, in many cases, we can push a fix out quickly. 1.2.1 resolved some problems we were seeing, where models would disappear during rotation.

Preform 1.2 has brought complete carnage and produced a tank of porridge.  I tried to put 1.1 back on as it previously had worked superbly; it worked as badly as 1.2.  Today I have put 1.2.1 on and it is a little better but nowhere near the standard that 1.1 allowed me to produce.  Is there a guaranteed way to roll back to 1.1?



If you haven’t already, please open a ticket with our Customer Support team.  We can assist you with troubleshooting your Printer, and rolling you back to 1.1 if you would like.


a ticket is already in (32911), I am just waiting for a response.  I have a horrid feeling that the Galvo’s have failed as immediately after the update it printed oversize and then printed delaminated bases before just printing a soup of half hardened bits.