Slow down Formlabs, slow down

QA is looking pretty iffy!

A couple months ago I remember mentioning here that we want Formlabs to work quickly so they fulfill orders soon, but not *too* quickly so they start making mistakes and quality goes down… So it’s with some irony that my printer arrived yesterday-- WITH NO BUILD PLATFORM IN IT.

At least that made it easy to look inside and observe the giant greasy fingerprint on the first laser mirror.


It’s great that they’re shipping faster, but sadly the Form1 story I tell people that ask how the printer is now has to be “I don’t know, it was DOA” instead of something positive about how great it works or whatever.

Customer Service says they’ll ship out the build platform, and I can clean the mirror with some IPA and Kimwipes, but it does sort of ruin the out-of-box experience for me!

Interesting. My printer arrived without a resin tray. Support sent a new one out rather quickly, but it seems like their fulfillment center needs a slap on the wrist.

looks like you’re missing the resin tray too, or did you remove it before taking the picture?

Yeah, I took the resin tray out-- I thought maybe they shipped the build platform bolted under it or something.  Desperation. :wink:

Maybe CSI can identify the culprit from the partial print…

(Hey Chris, didn’t know you hung out here!)  Email today that a replacement build platform has shipped out.  Don’t know if I’ll be lucky enough to get it before the weekend or not though…


@Clay-From what one can observe on the forums, I’m guessing that’s not the only “partial print” you’ll find in that thing.

@All-  Gotta go.  My B9, which arrived in under a week from order, just completed another job… farewell!