PreForm 1.3 Released

Hey ya’ll – just wanted to let you know that PreForm 1.3 ( was just released! Take a look and let us know what you think.

Loving 1.3 very snappy. Great to be able to select all items to auto orient but you can not manually orient for all selected items which it would be nice to be able to. Overall pretty impressed with the update, cheers formlabs.

The fact that we can select multiple objects is really cool !
Like Jess said, it would be better to have acces to manual values for the rotation.

It seems that you changed the way supports are generated. A lot more supports are produced with the 1.3 compared to the 1.2.  From what i looked, Preform certainly better detect small and internal parts where supports are needed. :slight_smile:

But please, change the shading… it’s more difficult to examine with the new tone, especially when we highlight a model.

Seems to be working as good as ever…! I noticed the laser patterns have changed. It’s no longer 90° alternations anymore, but rather what looks like a semi-random alternation between a more “horizontal” pattern and a more “vertical” one. I imagine this is done to try and increase the strength between layers?

Rotating all at once with rotation values would be nice, as per Jesse’s suggestion. I must also agree with Gilles-alexandre: the new shading makes it really difficult to see. I think it’d be a great feature if the shaders used simulated the “real” finished part, but as it is now it doesn’t seem particularly useful other than to give a visual indication of the type of resin that should be used. It may be better as an option rather than default, as now I’m setting it to the grey resin setting just so I can see the parts better.

Some suggestions: I’d like to see the “front” and “hinge side” indicators stay visible (even seeing “back” and “peel side” would be handy), and a perspective camera.

Really nice to see how the software is maturing. Keep up the great work!

Seconding Jared’s feature request for always visible side indicators. It’s irritating that the side indicators are only visible in Layout mode, I just can’t see any possible reason they’re not visible all the time.

Just encountered a bug:

When uploading the file to the printer, the calculating bar got stuck at the very beginning and a popup window kept me from exiting the program. I had to force close the software thru the task manager. I’m not sure if this was the result of me turning the printer on after I pressed the “print” button, but the software didn’t change its state after I turned the printer off or disconnected the USB cable. The software was not unresponsive, like how programs get the white haze as they usually do in Windows when they go unresponsive.

Hi Jared, can you open a ticket with customer support to provide us with more details, so that we can follow up on it? Thank you!

Certainly, Manuel. :slight_smile:

I also noticed something else. Maybe it’s new, maybe it’s something that was in there before but I didn’t notice: the software can turn the printer on, bypassing the Formlabs logo and usual startup. Is this a feature, or a bug? Either way, I’ll send you folks a ticket.

Is it just me or the ability to export the objects in Preform as STL is now gone? Can’t seem to find it anywhere.