New Pre-Form Update published

Hi Guys,

There is a new Software Update available: Pre-Form v0.8.1!

But i can’t see new Features!

Only the appearance is a little different…

Unfortunately, I have been looking forward to new features!

Greetings from Switzerland

Nice catch Marco,

Actually from a quick check I think they solved quite a few of the ‘support intersecting with geometry bug’. Which is very cool and will let us print some of the complex structures! (see: I will update the subject once I’ve confirmed with a print.

A change log would be great though, maybe Jory or someone else could chime in and report the changes!


Agree a change log for such software is a must have.  Either on the website (normal) or in a text file with the download/install files.

At least work is being done to improve things.  I suspect the software team are working on tweaking what they have now before implementing some of the additional features folks have suggested.  I believe the software should be as simple as possible with all preparation work done upstream in the workflow.


I agree for the change log since the new version didn’t fix the issue for layer shift on objects with very small triangles.

Hi Julien,

Could you open a ticket for us and we’ll help you out?

It’d be great if you could attach both the STLs and Zbrush files of your models, as well as the .FORM files that you’ve been working with and we’ll check it out.  We’ve been working on resolving these issues.


Hello Sam.

I will open a ticket tonight and give you a link to download the files.

Thank you for offering to look into my issue


Julien Lefebvre