Change Log for new Preform 1.5 software?

Is there a change log from the previous Prefrom 1.41 Software to the new 1.5 version ?

MANUAL SUPPORTS! What else do you need to know? :wink:

Wow that’s comprehensive! :slight_smile:

Was the issue with touchpoints not touching fixed?

The blog post just went live with the change log:

Ohh! That’s quite cool! Can’t wait to experiment with this release.


Ok.  I really like the new manual support tool!  Only one minor quibble - It would be nice to still have the layer scrub bar to track down those islands, without having to go in and out of the editor.

Good job guys!  Now let get the .form file import so I can add already built .form files to the current print project and you will collectively be my heroes.