Latest Preform software update

Hello Formlabs team,

Wanted to bring you up to date with some of the problems I have been encountering. First of all, it feels like the latest updates has gotten worse at finding areas of the print that will start in the air. I’m having to spend a ton of time scrolling back and forth on the print looking for these so that the model would not fail. It has become a colossal time sink over the last several weeks.

Secondly, I am attaching images for what has happened to me several times now. When I go into supports edit mode it seems that now supports can be added anywhere (not even sure how this is possible). This one got added to the bottom of the build base. And I have had several just be added in the air.

Additionally since I have to go back and forth between the actual print layout and edit mode it wold be REALLY nice if i could turn off the grid view of the build platform - it really is in the way when you are trying to add supports. As well as if you could see which layer you are on - scroll bar does not display the layer number once you enter into edit mode.

For doing complicated medical prints that have both and inner and an outer dimensions to it that is not flat but has multiple parts to it as well as an organic shape it is very difficult to make sure those prints come out good and not fail.

Thank you.

I haven’t seen that in a while but I have seen Preform do that. I would open a support ticket and send them the .form file. It will assist them in figuring out why Preform is doing that.

I haven’t seen that support bug before - might make for an awfully challenging print. I’d second @DavidRosenfeld’s suggestion to get in touch with our support team. It helps us to track things internally and troubleshoot any issues.

Can do. Should i submit as “help with preform” or “having trouble printing”?

I would pick, “help with Preform” as it is a software issue.

Help with PreForm is probably most apt here.

Thank you

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