Preform issue - editing supports - abnormal base

I’m using 2.9.1 and I always edit my supports. Normally they show up on a small intricate part, 90 degree angle, etc so I edit the hell out of them to my liking with great success. However this is the third time now (all in 2.9.1) where his has happened after hitting Apply Edits.

I would upload a .form file but its a 3dhubs project, so its not my idea to put up here. I took the screenshot from a strategic angle to strive for anonymity.

I realize there is not really a “solution” to this…I just clear and redo the supports and its fine. I’m more asking if anyone else has seen something similar and hoping FL sees this for their bug reports!

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Yes, I have seen strange behavior like this but in other versions of Preform from time to time. Open a support ticket and send them the .form file. They will want the file so they can recreate it as well as trying to reorienting the part to watch the crazy raft disappear.

I’ve actually never seen that happen before. My only problems with Preform is that sometimes when you’re editing supports you try to put a support in a certain area and it gives an error, and then you have to keep retrying to put it in the area until it accepts it.

@DavidRosenfeld In retrospect I should have saved the file as is…unfortunately I moved on and its very difficult to reproduce. I certainly will send them the .form file the next time I see it happen.

@Zachary_Brackin Yes I have seen that too. I’m sure it has to do with the actual geometry of the shape and your placement of the support although you would think the program could accommodate for most geometries.

I’ve also seen this a couple of times.

The fix for me is re-generating the supports.
Add and remove one support (manual).
Re-generate supports.

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