New release of Preform is buggy and glitchy - Let me roll back!

The new release of preform has an issue where if I make any slight change to even just one non-critical support makes the entire model bright red. Giving me ZERO support quality feedback, because apparently EVERYTHING SUCKS.

Also now it just throws a TON of supports at everything. And I mean a ton especially on the corners. Now instead of a individual support trees, it overlays dozens of supports to create essentially a fan like structure that CANNOT be broken off cleanly OR accurately. I need to use scissors to cut it away.

The previous releases of preform were not like this and I have a critical project I’m working on right now. I want the old version back!

Hi Jing,

What are your support settings (point size, flat spacing, density, and slope factor)? Are you running this on Windows or Mac? Finally, can you please confirm the PreForm version that you are using?

Thank you!

Default support settings on windows and mac. Preform 1.7.1

I also have experienced my 1st issue with the new software.

Perfectly fine models that seem to have a ‘error while outling model’ error!

support ticket onroute

About half my models no longer work in the newer versions of Preform - it won’t even open them, even though earlier versions didn’t have a problem with them. The support function works better (on the models it doesn’t object to) so I’d prefer not to roll back, but this software really needs some attention.

Andrew Werby

On the mac, I can’t use the Save function anymore. It errors out. Only the Save as works.
Also some files layout causes a hang on calculating.

Super broken

*Edit save works now again. No idea why.

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Happen to me, can’t save. show errors. I am using mac too.

Wow. Sorry to hear that there are so many issues – thanks for letting us know. It does seem that model is presenting some problems to PreForm. You should be able to adjust the support settings as well, so that the automatically generated support are less dense. Check out the articles here and here for some details on how supports can be modified.

Of course, I know that doesn’t help the feedback issue. If you can share the STL (privately is fine), I can pass it on to our software team and they can take a look.