New software version 0.8.2

Would like to know the changes/improvements, besides the frames/sec counter on the screen? :wink:

Woot, going to test that tonight.

Thanks for the pointer, hopefully we’ll get a post with the change log soon.


I noticed that on models that have integrity issues, the software will now identify specifically which triangles on the model have problems.

This update is huge! The viewport and interaction speed is infinitely better. My models that have 1.2 million polys are getting a constant 30fps+

This update also finally works in VMware Fusion on OS X for me:

Hello everyone! 
Dudes who have on a computer there is an old version of the software 0.8.2 or 0.9.2 Preform please send by mail! Formlabs Technical Support does not respond to letters. Our work stucks, customers furious. Many thanks in advance for your understanding and support! For Windows please!

Hello Konstantin,

Could you give a few more details about what kind of issues you’re seeing? I see the tickets you’ve submitted – we’ll get back to you ASAP.