Preform 2.19.3 - Enlighten me as to its improvements

OK, I got my graphics PC rebuilt, I’m begrudgingly running Windows 10 and I just installed the latest Preform (2.19.3). Is it my imagination; or is there nothing really new with this version?

The only thing I noticed that is different is that the support dots are light gray on the model instead of something easy to see as before. Is this a Windows 10 GUI feature or what? I’d like to smack the rocket scientist at whatever major tech company(ies) that thought low contrast GUI’s were a good idea, and I’d like to scold Formlabs for following suit with this stupid idea.

And since I’m ranting…The SaveAs dialog box still doesn’t populate the file name, Preform still can’t open multiple .FORM models into a new file without the clunky method I documented in a video way back when. Then there still isn’t an option to display model edges so one can easily see where the supports connect to the model.

Come on Formlabs, get your act together with Preform.

You can read about the changes here:

There is not much different.

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Thanks for the prompt reply. Yep, you’re right in that it’s mostly material tweaks. I was running 2.19.0 or 2.19.1 when my graphics PC took a dump.

The ever annoying messages that take up valuable screen real estate and you can’t get rid of is one of the Preform Pluses. No I mean NEGATIVES.

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