PreForm 2.5.0 released - a List of Changes?

Is there a list of changes in the new release?
What new features have been implemented?
Which bugs has been eliminated?
The support structure appears to be finer and narrower as before.

It would be nice if this information is automatically released with a new version.

Greetings from Augsburg / Germany

Everything can be found here:

  • New material for the Form 2 and Form 1+
  • Castable Resin FLCABL02 (0.025, 0.05, 0.1 mm)
  • Support improvements
  • Stiffer supports
  • Narrower pillars
  • Pillars taper along their whole length for increased sturdiness and ease of removal
  • Improved surface finish on early layers for Black, Clear, and Grey Form 2 materials
  • Improved routine between layers for better print quality

Thank you!

This is the link I’m looked for :slight_smile:

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Additionally, if within Preform you select Help/About, there’s a link to the release notes there.
Not that I knew that before I tried a moment ago…

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Firmware 1.6 update is stuck on “Installing update - Starting…” Sitting like that for 15 min already. Did anyone else experience this?

Not trying to be nasty here, but. How come we’re getting what seems to be daily updates for the Preform. Seems every day lately when I start my preform, it says to download the update?
what gives?

This release was Jun 13, previous was May 30 , before that was May 20 (which had the dll installation issue). Not daily by that reckoning - although a daft question springs to mind (apologies if it’s a suck-eggs question): You are installing the update as well as downloading, aren’t you?

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