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the new Preform says this is OK to print???

I have noticed a few things as well. Most notably when I select one of my items with supports and click edit (to edit the supports) all items disappear from the platform. Unsure at the moment if this is a weird fluke or a repeatable bug.


That happened to me as well. I thought I was crazy.

Also I should have been able to add supports in places and it wouldn’t let me or did but did not show the support dots.

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+1 on that. Items disappearing that is…

In the past 48 hrs I have run into this twice, although for me it is not 100% repeatable. I filed a bug report and sent FL my .form file.

No interest in this from Frew.?

Maybe tag @Frew Also I tagged @mgarrity in a separate thread regarding this bug…if I’m not mistaken I think he is a dev.

I just spent several hours on a file with 20ish parts. I got about 75% through editing supports and then ran into this bug. Saving the file and restarting preform did not help.

I’m in New York working on the Times Square Lens so I might be a bit slower to reply for the next couple of days. Thanks at @alan1950 and @kevinduhe for the reports. Our PreForm team is looking into this.

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