New PreForm Version 3.1.0 not as good with Flexible parts?

I am having failures with the new PreForm software 3.1.0 that I wasn’t before.

Two big failures of 18hr prints in the last couple of days.

Part isn’t building well and ends up being ripped off the supports/split.

I don’t like the thin needle like supports in some of the openings that didn’t happen with the previous software versions. I am wondering if these are not enough support in those areas and causing the problems?

The new Preform is putting 2-4 times as many supports on the part, and it is still failing. I added a bunch more supports manually and it still failed. Almost identical part to before with the earlier software that printed beautifully.

All parts show as passing before I upload to the printer.

I went back to an earlier software version and will be running it again over the weekend. The part with far less support passes in the old software version, but shows a failure in the new Preform. It does the same for parts that printed PERFECTLY before.

I was just wondering if anyone else was seeing issues with the Flexible resin and new Preform version and had any fixes?

The only thing in the new Preform that I would like is the mini rafts as it makes it far easier to remove the flexible resin from the build platform… if I could have those but the support quantity, type and structure of the older version…

Thank you

I’ve just had another failure. I’ve been watching this part every 30 mins to hour and it’s clear that it’s the supports that are failing not the part. They are too thin maybe? They break and don’t fully form so eventually it gets to a part with an overhang that simply isn’t supported as the supports failed and aren’t there…

I have no wasted nearly a full container of resin and it looks like my LT tank may be toast as it was impossible to remove parts of the support from the tank bed easily and it now appears to have visible indents in the silicon where they were :frowning:

I don’t see any way to make the support “legs” thicker or more likely to build properly.

Suggestions anyone? I’ve reached out to customer support but am yet to hear back.


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