Older version PreForm software

Hello everyone!
Dudes who have on a computer there is an old version of the software 0.8.2 or 0.9.2 Preform please send by mail wolffdesign@inbox.lv! Formlabs Technical Support does not respond to letters. Our work stucks, customers furious. Many thanks in advance for your understanding and support!

For Windows please! )))

Hello Konstantin,

You just submitted your tickets a couple of hours ago! Give our team a chance, at least! :) We’re based in Boston, Massachusetts, so are typically answering tickets during the business day on US Eastern Time.

At any rate, someone will get back to you shortly with some back-up links – we do have some supported builds that we share on a case-by-case basis.


Please post all the old versions of your software since many people have had better performance with older support methods.  I have printed nothing but garbage with the new software and have ruined your $70 tanks with major hard splotches.  Even on the butterfly.

Bill - here: http://form1printer.pbworks.com/w/page/73473032/PreForm%20Tips%2C%20Tricks%2C%20and%20Version%20History

Thanks!!!  I hope to get back good prints now!

Ugg…  I put in a new tank, clear fluid, version .9 preform and all i got was a thin base and none of the supports were created… had to stop it and looks like more cleaning of a brand new tank which or course makes it suspect

i am now wondering about these new tanks that I got.  they could be the problem too now


Not sure if you placed a ticket in with us, but let us know if you continue to have issues.


After destroying a new tank on the first print with resin cooked on so hard it wouldn’t peel I have started replacing the PDMS myself.  So far so good.  Sylgard 184 is what you need, 80ml of the larger part and 8ml of the smaller part will do it.  See MadeSolid for detailed information about the process.  It’s pretty easy.