Older PreForm Software

Does anyone know of a place where I can get an older version of the preform software (older than 1.0).  Our prints have been failing to complete recently and this coincides with updating the software.

The prints have either had messy supports and the whole thing generally falls apart above 2cm from the platform or the whole things is just a solid mass in the bottom of the resin tray.


Hi Eric,

MD posted a link to 0.9 when I asked exactly this question a little while ago :  http://sdrv.ms/1dCbOA2

Just by the by, how firmly attached is your build platform to the Z axis when locked on, - can you get any rocking at all? or is it completely solid?

I had an issue where the screw that positions the locking latch was loose - and this was causing dramatic print failure with bendy supports and eventually bases without supports.

If you look at your build platform with the latch down - does it look more like the first picture or the second picture?

Thanks for the quick response Kevin.

The lever is in place and I do not get any wobble in any direction.  I am starting to suspect it may be that the tray has worn out even though I don’t seen any clear clouding.

I will try the software from the link.

Thanks again!

There’s several other versions of the software available as well, at: http://form1printer.pbworks.com/w/page/73473032/PreForm%20Tips%2C%20Tricks%2C%20and%20Version%20History