Still have problems with Preform 3.7.0


I have 2 Form 2 printers and both are having identical problems since I upgraded both the firmware and Preform to the latest versions. What a mess.

My problem is I’m a manufacture of small scale model detailing items. I just reopened my store and have a flood of orders but almost every print I do has half or more of the rafts peel off the Build Plate and stick to the tray surface. The build plates are either new or used but nice and smooth and have worked flawlessly up until this upgrade.
The Resin Trays are also NEW so there shouldn’t be any of these issues. I’ve last two good LT resin trays because of this so far. There are no nicks or other faults on the resin tray surfaces.

Up until this upgrade not one job failed in anyway for months.

I want to roll back both Preform and the Firmware on both machines to get back to where I was. Just have to try and remember how that works. This is the SECOND time over the years I’ve had to do this roll back because of issues with Preform.

Yes, I did new Preform layouts of the parts and even increased the support points size. but that doesn’t matter.

Anyone know how to roll things back? I have the old software as I keep it on file.


Tried to send a Tech Support form but it won’t let me do it even though I put a Order Number in.

I;m having nothing but problems with Preform 3.7.0 and was trying to get help to roll-back to an older version of both Preform and the Firmware. I did this a few years back but can’t find any email on it.
Here’s an example of what I’m getting: This is the FormLabs TEST form file and as you can see it’s not showing the rafts even though it should. I don’t feel I can trust this version of Preform at all.


Hey Walter,

I’m so sorry for all the trouble and frustrations. I completely understand where you’re coming from, and sorry to hear you had issues getting in touch with our support team! That’s absolutely not the experience we want anyone to have.

I just forwarded your post as well as your contact info to our support team directly, and they’ll be contacting you to help within a day.


Thanks for the heads up on the preform update Walter , sorry you gotta go through all that , nothing much worse than a problem like this when you know the thing should work , especially when your trying to make a living. My experience has been just don’t use the rafts in preform and make my own about
.65 mm thick and as wide and long as my part , to remove the print I just slip a scalpel under edge and it comes off the build plate . Also when I replace a build plate I scratch it real good with scotch brite, the red stuff from 3m , I think it’s 280grit then wipe all the build plate with IPA and get the all aluminum dust off it , I have not had a single problem with prints sticking to the plate since I started doing this , been a few years but I think Kat told me about this .


Hi, Paul,

What I’ve found is I can’t create a new build from scratch in Preform. I had to use the build file for the FL Test file.
Removed the parts and changed the material then added my parts. It seem to run fine then. BUT you need to do this for every build you do. Strange as it’s never been this way in the past.

But I still have plate sticking issues. Now I’m wondering if I should move the build plate one or two settings closer to the resin tray surface so the layer of resin is thinner and might get hardened better to stick tot he build plate.

My build plates are nice and smooth and one of them is even new but they all experiencing the same issue from time to time. Never had this with the old Preform software. Every build was a success.


Hi Walter, I hope that FL has gotten you fixed up by now, I’ve found that customer support at FL is better than some other printer companies . I dismissed the 3.7 update on yesterdays prints to try and avoid a problem, Im also using a form 2 along with a envisiontech printer. Im going to pay attention to this thread and see how they resolve the issue, Again resolution is never quick enough when there is a retail client involved, BTW , on the build plate I was referring to roughening the aluminum surface to give it a little bit of a tooth, hang in there, p


Appears I may have solved this problem by rolling back Preform and the Firmware on both machines.
First prints came out without issues just like before updating to Preform 3.7.0.
I installed Preform 2.20.0 and Firmware 1.19.5
Hope this all continues. Still going to need to buy 2 more LT resin trays but they should last a lot longer.