Form 2 Failrues after Firmware, Preform Upgrades

I’ve have massive print failures after upgrading my two Form 2 printers firmware and also Preform.

I had this issue a few years back and had to roll back everything.

Up until this week my prints were find. Now 9 out of 10 are a failure of some kind most being total.

Raft beginning are stuck to the resin tray (tank) surface or to the Build plate but the prints are gone.
The files have printed well in the past and I’ve even beefed up the supports.

One printer had a new resin tray and a new build pate and still have failures as described.

My products are small so I raft from 4 to 6 or more on one raft. I even cut down on the number of rafts on the build to just above the order quantity.

This is giving me major headaches to be sure.

I seem to be having similar issues. I am curious, what type of resin are you using? I just used the Black V4 resin for the first time and that’s when I started having these issues. That also happens to be the time I updated Preform and the firmware as you mentioned.

I;m using ALW Grey which is compatible to FL Grey V2. I’ve been using this successfully for more than 3 years on both machines.
Issues started when I did the upgrade. I knew better but wasn’t thinking straight I guess.
Waiting to hear back from Tech Support.

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