All prints fail after firmware update

After we installed the latest firmware all prints failed. Some of the objects do not stick to the platform and the resin becomes very thick, full of little pieces. The objects that print are really bad. We use castable v2.
We cleaned the tank and tried three times but the problem is always the same.

Hi, we had the same problem here. I actually installed the previous firmware and software to fix this issue until they create a patch. You should do the same. The link has a link to the previous firmware version. Good luck!

I already did it.
I downloaded the previous firmware from this link and used Preform 2.12 but I get the same problem.

Thanks for trying a few different PreForm versions to see if that corrects the issue. Seeing as that doesn’t seem to have made a difference, it sounds like there’s something else going on. Could you upload your .form file so that we can take a look?

We have a tank filtering guide here. Is that the process you’ve been using?

There is no need to filter the tank. Each time I had to clean it and throw away the resin. The resin becomes like cottage cheese but with smaller pieces.

I uploaded the file in the request I created. Id #121979

I’ve oatmealed tanks a few times (usually from no fault but by own…) and it can sometimes take a few filters to reclaim the majority of the resin. Thanks for opening a ticket and here’s to hoping our support team is able to get this corrected for you quickly.

Same exact issues here. I just went in to check my print and my resin is already chunky.

I am going to try and reinstall a previous firmware version. How do I accomplish this on the printer itself?

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