Firmware update and Preform update 2.14.0

Since the last updates I got issues to print without failure. So the printer was always very good before. I want to step back with the preform version (which i got) but don’t know how to bring the machine in previous firmware version. Is there anybody out there who knows a workaround?

greetz Ben

I am having the same problem. I have two failed prints since and lots of cured particles everywhere in the resin tank. Also the the printer is having a problem recognizing that the resin cartridge is there. Do you know where to get the previous firmware file?

Hi Ivanco,

I’ve found this link to the firmware:

you can install it out of the preformsoftware. -> printer -> firmware update -> upload firmware
you also have to use older preformsoftwareversion.

Hope that helps. I drive my first testprint. Isn’t fast as the newest update but don’t have to print 3 times (at least much longer). :wink:


Thanks a lot!

FYI: testprint after downgrade is :+1:

Awesome, I’m doing a reprint right now. I bet the increased print speeds have something to do with these failures. I think it peels off the parts from the platform because its too fast. So many bases were stuck to the resin tank. I’m happy with it printing slower as long as things come out. It’s been super reliable until this update in my experience.

I think you are right. The speeditems got much more marks per slice. I’ve drove them by 50 micron and 100 micron.
But never touched the precision of slowmode 100 microns. So they have a bit to work on until we can work. :sweat_smile: For me it’s fixed until we hear something new.


After updating the firmware yesterday I am very disappointed. I was extremealy happy with the quality of form2 at 0,1mm but now I see the next problems:

-Surface finish is worse than before. Now you can easily see the layers
-The printer is now more prone to delamination
-I see lines at certain heights (it seems that it has stopped for some reason)
-Small pieces of hard resin are sticked to the part (I guess that they are coming from the rests of the delaminations)
-The printer is now a lot noiser

On the good side, I really like the new preform supports. On the firmware side, wiper working has been improved so it seems the spill’s risk is lower.

As I priorize quality to speed, I am gonna downgrade the printer firmware. Do I have to downgrade also the PreForm?

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Thanks , my hero !
My boss will kill me if I did’n see your this topic !

@pedrojsoria yes preformsoftwareversion 2.12.0 and always skip updates

@TrienSmiles :blush:

Thanks Benjamin!

2.12.0? Any reason not to go 2.13.1?

Just to have it clear, could you please recommend me the preform and firmware versions to use?

I downgraded yesterday to firmware 1.15.4/Perform 2.13.1 and everything works great again. After the upgrading, I though that something was broken in my printer.

Thanks a lot!!!


@pedrojsoria the firmwareversion is the latest available one which i could find (form2-rc-1.15.4-160.formware) one step before the update from 15. Dec 2017 and which is save in usage (prior ones can damage the heater i’ve read). And I am running preformversion 2.12.0 as a good running version for this firmware. Maybe 2.13.1 is also okay. I think the changes to 2.13.1 are often about the resinupdates which I do not need at the moment.

@BenjaminHauck thanks a lot! I will continue then running on firmware 1.15.4/Perform 2.13.1 and will let you know if problems arise.

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@ivancojewelers + @pedrojsoria + @TrienSmiles
Maybe we can help formlabs (I am in contact with them) with Information about our Material.
It would be good for them to know Material, Version and Date from the sticker on the bottom.
You can reply here and I will send them the informations because they ain’t active in the forum.

greetz Ben

My machine has gotten noisy as well as reporting a Jammed Motor at every print. I’ve also witnessed the wiper now hitting my model and knocking the model off the platform. Ruined a whole tank and now and I have a huge job to finish and I can’t even continue printing until this issue gets settled. What is even going on…VERY DISAPPOINTED.


Also the v4 resin is foamier than a bath bomb after every print! I think speeding up the wiper and carrier to print faster is causing motor and resin issues.

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Does this also revert the Preform software?

@jeffrriffo I am sorry to hear about the difficulties. Better you get in touch with the formlabs support. Maybe they can get through theire checklist to define the issues for your machine because you use fresh resin.

In my opinion it’s no problem when the resin is foamier. Normaly the challange is to observe big prints when there is a problem with the supportstructure. Does something hang down and pushes against something like the wiper the desaster is near. The speedup turns the risk up.

If you drive you machine before update without issues than you can downgrade both firmware and preform. This works for me.

I’ve been taking video and photographs for them but sometimes you only get one response a day. And I need results now. Just had my optical lens changed and the day I did that the new firmware posted and then nothing but motor jam errors. Any link with instructions on rolling back the Preform software? I know how to update the driver just not roll back the software. Also should the older firmware be uploaded to printer before rolling back preForm or does it not matter? I’ve never had issues with bubbling resin until recently but this v4 gets so foamy it’s near spilling over! Thanks for the response!


  1. download the firmware
  2. install older preform (I take preformsoftwareversion 2.12.0 others 2.13.1 both without failure feedback)
  3. wake up your printer
  4. start preform software (skip the automated update information)
  5. go to menu File -> Printers -> (dialog opens) -> select your printer -> click on Firmware update -> Firmware upload -> select the downloaded file
  6. take your stl-files and build position and support. then print the old good style. the formfiles from before didn’t work in downgrades I think.

Everything by your oun risk because I don’t know what else could be with your maschine. But this had helped the most of us.

Greetz Ben

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