Parts fall down. Software Issue?


Since approximately 4 months ago we have had serious issues when printing. The first layers of the pieces adhere correctly to the building platform, but for some reason the next layers are not solidified well and the supports break when the parts are partially printed (because of the weight I guess…) and fall down to the tray.

I am aware that I am not the only one with this issue. My provider in Spain has also confirmed me this. but they are not able to give me a solution. I have read in this forum that there are other users who have the same or similar problem. Does anyone have a solution for this?

For me it is not a solution to use the Preform supports, because the consumption of material increases a lot and the amount of pieces per print must be reduced. Until August I did not have any problem and I do not understand why I am having it now. I am using the printer to produce small pieces, not to make prototypes.

I have considered to downgrade the software and Firmware, but if I do this, I will not be able to use V4 Resins, which are the only ones available in Spain currently.

I look forward to your suggestions,

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First check that your built platform is flat and not dished in the middle.

Also I would put small crossbars on to the spine so that the two floating supports are connected. probably what is happening is that these floating supports become detached and lift the whole of the strip of the build platform.

Looking at the pictures. Might help to rotate the print 90 degrees so that the strips are perpendicular to the wiper.

what do the 3D files look like? you might not have a large enough base

This is a real issue it seems with most V4 resins (atleast standard it seems). We’ve been printing parts with Clear v2 for a long time and they were perfectly fine. After switching to V4, it failed every time. After lots of writing on forums and to support which said they are working on resolving the issue, the only real solution was to use V2 cartridges and pour V4 in them. No PreForm downgrades, no firmware downgrades helped, there is literally a major issue with printing directly on platform with V4 resins and either Formlabs is trying to ignore it or just does not admit it… It’s been more than a month since “they were working on the issue” but no updates in sight…

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Did you try changing the bases and the orientation as suggested?

The latest version of Preform makes the base rafts bigger than they were before, and there might be a good reason why they think that would be a good idea.

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