Supports issue oddity

Never saw this before…The build did not fail, it came out as per the 3D model, Just an odd issue with the supports on the one part.

The parts are nearly identical, the orientation of the models is identical but as you can see in the photo, the part nearest the camera seems to have built several layers of the support base and then “skipped a beat” and picked up later on it the build with no ill results.

I scraped the resin tank both before and after the build and there were/are no bits of cured resin either sticking to the PDMS layer or floating around in the tank.

Any thoughts, suggestions, etc. I am a bit concerned, even though the build was fine, that this might be a symptom of …I don’t know what but I thought it would be wise to post it up here and see if anyone could provide any feedback.

I have had this issue as well, I don’t think the printer has ‘skipped’ , rather the support has started to lift from the metal plate during printing (due to more friction on the pdms than the metal plate I guess) but has then recovered and continued to print normally. With me it has happened when I try to build objects that are long/high - just like your image, or have a large surface area in contact with the pdms. unlike you, I have had instances where it has caused a deformation of the print (not strictly a ‘failure’ but curved/bent when it should be straight).

Your bases look a bit thin, have you tried raising the platform (via the Fine Tuning menu in the Help tab) about .1mm or .2mm?

No we haven’t. It only happened once and we have printed a considerable amount of models since I posted that photo…Guess it was a one of fluke…?