Support editing/unable to place support at location

Hi all, having an issue with files that import to Preform without any errors being reported.

After I begin support editing/fine tuning after the automatic generation I am given either an error that ‘support cannot be generated at location’ error or the node that I place shoots off into seemingly random space.

Completely confused by this and there are no obvious issues with the models.

I always update Preform when prompted.

Anyone have an idea of what this might be and a solution? I am working under a time crunch…
Thank you in advance.

I have seen this error being reported, too. My assumption is that where a support is placed on a model surface dictates where the support must intersect the base, and that depending on the current “topology” when you go to add a support, if it cannot be “routed” to the base successfully PreForm says “try again”. Usually, if you hunt around in the general area, clicking at random points within that envelope, you’ll hit a spot that PreForm will be happy with…

That message means that PreForm couldn’t find a way to create a support that connects that location with the build platform or a spot that could serve as the base for an internal support. For example, if you click in the middle of a wide object on the surface that’s facing away from the build platform (towards the tank), you’ll get that message because the object is in the way.

If you are seeing this message when you’re clicking in locations which clearly could be reached by a support, then there is one other possibility. This actually one of the few parts of PreForm that cares about the normal vectors associated with the facets. If you have a model which has messed up normals, then this is one of the few places in PreForm where you’ll hear about it, although you might also notice some lighting anomalies. The bit about “shoots off into seemingly random space” makes me think that this might be the issue here. You could check this by using a program such as MeshMixer. What program did you generate the models with?

Thanks guys -
I’m thinking its as you said, model issues now…they were created in Z Brush. Looks like I have multi-shell bodies or incorrect normals or non-solid models. Oddly, even when Preform is able to repair some of these the issues still remain.

I have run some repair functions/solid commands since my first post on this issue in both Netfabb and Meshmixer to a fairly high degree of success. At the moment about 20/30 files are now functioning properly.

Any suggestions on different software or methods for repairing normals, ‘shrink wrapping’ or creating solid files?

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