Running list of Preform tweaks and issues for improvement

(I am transplanting much of this list from a thread I have in :Discus Anything" - I feel its better served here)

So the .form merge is GREAT!!!  exactly what preform needed. Thank you.

However I am still having issues with the new support editing;

1.The preview touchpoint is needs to use the current touch point size.

  1. The added touch points need to recognize when they are intersecting existing support material and use it, rather than sending a huge cross tower of support material - ideally taking advantage of the bridge-span structures that you only seem to get during auto-generation of supports.

  2. Occasionally I get a wonderfully convenient double-ended touch points or a touchpoints on the end of a small square stem, when placing internal supports, however most of the time I get a cylindrical post, with no touch points at all, that casts straight down.  Not only are these posts not help full most of the time, they often shoot down through features of my model - ie. not respecting the volume of my intended print.

  3. Speaking of those handy double ended touch points, when placing internal support manually it would be great if after clicking the upper touch point, I could (perhaps hold shift while doing it) select the bottom point location as well.  Right now, I have no control over where the software chooses to place the lower touch point, if I can even get it to choose one at all (see cylinder problem above).

  4. I am also still getting many touch points in the pre-gen that aren’t actually making contact, or not making good contact.  This is primarily and issue with the smallest touch point setting.  Right now I am having to delete these and manually replace them.  This then causes excess support post material to be generated (see #2 above)

  5. After pre-gen of supports, for some parts I am getting the red shading indicating insufficient support on areas of the model that have ALL the supports.  Meanwhile, the remaining portion of the model is hanging out in space, with no generated supports, and no red indication showing lack of support. (is this just an indication of torsional stress on the touchpoint because of the unsupported side of the model and why isn’t it generating supports for the other side??)  Right now I manually place supports on the unsupported side and the red indications go away on the supported side.

  6. Still would love it if the wild camera swings between the support editing mode and the normal modes would NOT happen.

  7. When generating duplicates of supported parts, often the duplicates will have the triangular gap that assists with build platform removal, when the parent part does not.  Right now I delete the original and place a duplicate of one of the duplicates.

  8. The bulk of my print volume and subsequently print time is spent on support.  A feature that is really needed is to be able to set my print layer thickness by layer.  This would allow me to print the bulk of my supports @ 0.1mm and then at a prescribed layer (just before the first touchpoints, for instance) change my print layer thickness a smaller setting.  This would be a huge print time savings!