Supports not contacting model

Has anyone else noticed that the auto-generated supports sometimes do not contact the model? I’ve seen this at least once on almost all of my models. Most of the time it doesn’t seem to affect the print, but I’m beginning to suspect that it is the cause of some print failures.

There are other times where the support barely contacts the part to the point of it most likely breaking off during a peel. I’ve attached pictures and am curious if this is a common phenomenon.


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Anthony, can you let me know what version of Preform you are running?

I am up to date. I check for a new update just about every day, despite restarting the software every morning.

This something I’ve noticed across all three versions of Preform that I’ve used.

Can you try going into the support settings and resetting them to their default value to see if it fixes that?

Thanks, manuel


Thank you for following up.

That did fix the issue. However, I want to reduce the point of contact because I’ve had problems with anything above 1/3 up the touch-point scale leaving divots in the print despite completely curing the print and cutting the supports with sharp wire cutters.

Playing around with the settings, I’ve noticed that decreasing the support density past a certain point causes the supports to not touch the model if the touch-point size is on the lower end of the scale.

Is this by design?

Software is aware of this issue and this is something we are working on fixing at the moment (hopefully soon!). In the meantime, you might be able to remove the divots with some sanding. We find that starting with a course sanding paper, then trending down to something like 1500 grit works really well to remove marks and polish out a smooth finish.

I have had tons of messed up prints from unconnected supports but didn’t realize what the problem was until reading another post which then lead me to this thread. An email alert about this issue would have been helpful and appropriate! And would have saved me alot of time and money!