Preform support calculations


I wish preform would detect when a support makes contact with the model in areas OTHER than the desired contact point. I’ve just done a few prints where the vertical “leg” of the support touched the model and now it is fused to the model there.



In those cases, the support does not actually touch the model, but it can get very close in which case the diffusion of the laser in the resin can make the supports stick to other parts that they shouldn’t be touching. It’s the issue posted here: It would be VERY NICE to be able to move supports away from small prints

No, it definitely did touch - I had 2 or 3 that were penetrating adjacent models by 1/2 the support diameter. It was my fault - trying to fit too many models on the build platform, but I just wish I had gotten a visual cue (like the red “unsupported” graphic).


If you move an object after support generation and they are intersecting then that’s definitely something the software doesn’t check for.

Ah, yes, that might have been what happened. Maybe this could go on the “wish list”?


well, if you do the automatic layout option it will space them away from each other. By the way–print speed is affected by the position on the print platform, I’m guessing due to the wiper only covering the area where the print is, so in certain positions it takes longer for the wiper to go across the surface.

Ok, I just did a test and it will auto-generate supports going through adjacent STL’s. There is no error message - it just runs the support wherever it wants without checking to see if it is hitting another part.

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