Supports not contacting model in Preform Software

So I am now printing these parts for the third time, they aren’t complex or big, and the lower half (closest to platform) builds fine, but the top doesn’t, I have upped the density and point size and then noticed that 50% of the supports weren’t actually touching the model, software glitch or something else?

It’s a bug and it is annoying. Maybe move this over to Feature Requests.

Done. This is a known issue and I know the team is aware-of and working on it. As always, if you can share your .form file and STL, that’d be useful. You can PM it to me if you can’t want to share it publicly.

Thanks Sam.
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I noticed this yesterday and I deleted the support and added a new one in its place and that fixed it. I had a print fail on the brand new printer, that may have been the cause.