PreForm will not generate supports

Same model, in both OBJ or STL I’ve tried, When I try to generate supports in Preform, preform goes through a loading process but there’s never any result. Advice?

Has it generated (and shown) proper supports before? In other words, is this something that has occured since a short time, or have you always had this problem?

Do you have any OpenGL problems?

I’ve just received the printer only a day or two ago, so yes I suppose I’ve had this problem all along- although only with some models, not all.
It will generate supports for some OBJs that I’ve had, things I’ve extracted from games- but almost never for any of my own. I’ve had these models printed before with no problems, but I’m led to believe the issue is with my files. I’m saving as .DAE, converting to .obj or .stl (ASCII and Binary) with meshlab. The thing that confuses me, is that one of my files, saved and converted the exact same way, will get the supports generated, but none of the others. No OpenGL problems that I’m aware of, either.

I suspect this actually might be the result bad design on my part and my parts not being recognized as solid by PreForm. I’m at work now, but I’ll attempt to clean-up the model and report back. The only thing that I think is peculiar is that I’ve had these models printed already in the past as solids with no problems, granted however on different printers.

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