Preform support algorithm bugged?

Hello everybody!

Probably since the Preform version 2.12 we have seen many problems in our printed parts using 2 different Form2.

Basically is about the generated supports (see attached images ) and some weird layers.

We have printed about a hundred of parts without this problem (we use 4 liter of material more or less per week).

All STL parts are repaired previously in Magics.

Has anyone similar problems?

Best regards,


Confirmed!, same ,form file and after installing PreForm version 2.12.3 (downloaded from other post for older versions)
and removing and adding the same point in order to recalculate the supports algorithm, it does not happen.

Please, doublecheck this possible bug.

Best regards,

BadSupports2.png is what happens when there is a problem with mesh topology. The others are interesting but may be resulting from the mesh issue.

Hi!, both problems solved downgrading Preform version. No additional changes in STL file.

Interesting. Thanks. We’ll investigate.

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