Preform 3.36.2 Crashing

I’m a prospective user and I’m trying out PreForm in order to get a feel for it (with form 4) and to create estimates of actual costs for printing certain things. PreForm is crashing quite often while performing calculations such as support structures and time estimates. I’m just loading various STLs that I know are good, duplicating and arranging them and then trying to get PreForm to show me values for time and material volume. Quite often I get a hard crash to the desktop. Any thoughts on why that might be? Thank you in advance!

Hi @BiggerJ

Thanks for flagging this issue. I’m sorry to hear you’re having this experience.

Could you please DM me with any files that are leading to this crash? Have you tested with any other version of PreForm?


I haven’t tried other versions. I’m attaching the file containing the parts I’m trying to evaluate. I’ve oriented them in multiple different ways, trying to get a successful result. Preform crashes almost all the time either when calculating supports or calculating the resulting print time. The parts are pretty simple so I’m not sure what’s going on here. Can you try at your end?
PartsTest01.form (36.3 KB)