Support calculations on latest Preform is broken - after running repair

I raised a ticket regarding the way the latest version of Preform calculates the supports, a few months ago. I never heard anything back, after I provided files etc

  1. The latest version is finding minima issues when there were none on previous versions.
  2. Internal supports are adding points on key details, again it never used to
  3. Supports pass through geo or appear on the surface. Placement doesn’t seem to be thought out.

I know I can edit the supports but I should have to - especially when printing 1000’s of objects.

I have both a Form 2 and a Form 3.
The best Preform version was before the introduction of the Form 3.
Preform 3.0.4 distributes supports perfectly after the repair feature, and that’s what I’ve been sticking to, so why it is broken in later versions?

I’ve been using 3.0.4 when using my Form 2, however I have now come to a point where in order to improve the performance on my Form 3 (because, yes from reading the forums the print quality of the Form 3 is disappointing) - I’ve updated to the latest firmware and now its no longer compatible with version 3.0.4 - so I have no choice but to update.

This is incredibly frustrating, I dont see why this cant be fixed.

Is anyone else having issues with Preform?

EDIT: I tried ignoring the repair option - and calculations seem correct - so its the REPAIR feature that’s breaking it.

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You can return to the old firmware by resetting the printer to factory settings (I remember there was such possibility in the Form3 panel menus) - printer will return to the state as it arrived from factory and you can upgrade the firmware carefully to any version you’d like.

The problem is that Form3 firmware had big issues (pouring excessive resin into tank) with the resin tank level sensor before the fix in Jan 2020, so you need at least to update to this firmware version.

Thank you! Appreciate the advice.
I think I’ve got it down to the repair function breaking the support calculations. It never used to. So I can work with the latest Form 3 firmware update (sounds like I need to!) - I just need to ignore the repair option.
My files are pretty clean, but I do have geo intersecting each other (text pushed into a surface for example) - that will be separate faces. It should handle that.

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