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Is it possible in the next uptade to have an export for STL ? Because sometime supports structure are not enough and that will be more simple to be able to export the file as an .STL add the missing supports manually and import it again.


No seriously, please make this happen. A lot of us Form1 users know CAD or other modeling softwares, especially since that’s your target market, you should make this a possibility. The Pre-Form software does an okay job setting up supports, but it still misses key features a lot of the time that would require custom supports.

It would also be nice to be able to generate the supports and then export it out to try and print the model on an FDM printer or something, I know some of us have more than one type of printer, and this simple update could make a lot of lives easier.

I agree, it would be very useful.

Yes, this would be very handy.


just seconding (fifthing?) the request for this feature.

it could be really useful creatively too. make a model, import to preform, export back out with supports and remodel over/around the supports…

I had requested this feature but only to back the file out for further correction or in case the original was lost but without the supports. that are generated. I could see Formlabs reluctance to export the models out with supports generated because some may use the software to generate supports then use the file in competing printers. To avoid this then Formlabs would have to probably need to charge for the software and implement software protection yaddah yaddah yaddah.

That’s my guess why it hasn’t been done yet…

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