Preform feature missing?

Am I missing it or is the ability to import an already existing .form file into the current project missing?  I can open multiple new .STL files into the current project, but what I would really like to do is setup supports to a number of models, save them separately ahead of time and then bring them into a print project as needed with the supports I’ve already generated intact, then position them on the build platter and print.  Deleting and replacing individual objects out of the current print project would be hand for this as well.  Also I’m guessing they would all have to have the same res as its set at the start of each new print project - so it would over-ride what is in the imported .form, which is fine.


Hi Billy,

We actually have this feature in testing right now so you can expect it in the next PreForm release!

  • Shane

Excellent news!  I look forward to it.