Keep supports after (minor) update to a model

Would it be possible to add this option to preform? I make model trains with my printer and update my design with minor tweaks after each print (let’s say I add 1x2mm part somewhere that I missed in the first version). I reexport STL from 3D software and then I have to regenerate all the support structure although virtually nothing has changed in the model that would require support changes. This gets very tedious since there is often a lot of (internal) supports that are carefully placed (sometime it takes me an hour to do) to avoid damaging the model later when I pull it out of supports. New preform does it better than 2.16 version but still it could be useful.

Something like : select existing model with supports - right click - update model - select new STL - preform updates model, checks for unsupported minima (if they now exist) and warns about it.



Every one that is in the design profession in some form or another wants this built into Preform.

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Before we can have this Perform and the form file would have to be able to record and specify the orientation of the model. This would be a Good Thing ™ in itself.