Software Issue - Preform - Not saving all parts on platform

Before I submit a support ticket, thought I’d ask here first.

I have no issues opening files and supporting. However, when I open a platform file, after saving and closing, only the first part (stl) I imported is visible in the platform (.form) file. This means that I can’t create a built platform and load it for building at a later date or time - I have to support all my files just before I intend to build them, which is a bit of a pain. :confused:

Any suggestions?



So, if I understand correctly. You load in multiple files in Preform, generate the supports for all the models, save the file as “xxxxx.form” and when you restart PreForm and load in that exact Form-file, you only get the first model which you loaded into the file originally?

I don’t have that problem. But perhaps I’m not fully understanding what you mean.

Did you use an old form-file created in a previous version of Preform? or did you generate supports in the New 1.8.1. and save it as a file?


That is the situation exactly. I am using the latest version preform.(1.8.1)

Here’s a form file with multiple models. Show me what happens when you load that file. If it loads properly, it seems it has something to do with your saving process…

Thanks for the file, @Alex_Vermeer.

I can open that, fine. I see 4 files. :confused:

Any ideas why I can’t open my own saved platforms?

No idea @Jack_Row

Could you send me a simple form file with multilpe files in it (with generated supports) to see if I can open your file properly? Then we can judge if it is solely your PreForm, or if it’s an actual saving issue.

P.S. did you see my 4 objects with or without supports? They should include supports.


I can see your supports.

Can I WeTransfer the platform file to you? Could you PM me your email address,?


@Jack_Row I actually saw this behaviour once or twice - but not recently. I think it’s intermittent - presumably there’s some condition which triggers it, but I don’t know what it was. Are you getting this consistently with a variety of models?

@KevinHolmes - Seems to be since the latest update.

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