PreForm 2.12 - Files failing to save

Not sure if anyone else is having issues saving their files in 2.12??? I am in the middle of a long series of prints & 2 of the files are refusing to be able to save. I’ve been running this software since early this year & if I had no experience with it, I would be convinced I’m doing something wrong. However, various other parts are loading, repairing, saving as well as the usually do. My first conclusion was that it must be the model, but after numerous modifications and changes I went back to a part that was read in & saved and printed only 4 days ago. Now the previous file is no longer able to save.

The message I keep getting is “Failed Saving FORM File”

As stated above, if I didn’t have an existing copy of the same basic part that worked I would be inclined to think it was the model. I’ve gone so far as attempting it on a different computer equipped with 2.12 and it fails on both machines.

BTW, I have been able to successfully save various other FORM files since the upgrade, just not this one particular piece.

Any thoughts? Please? I have a deadline & about 24 hours to figure this out!

OK, so just adding to my own discussion… The moment I posted the thread I thought that I should go try the new model on a machine that is still operating in 2.11 as a benchmark. File loaded and saved just fine.

Developers: contact me & I would be happy to send you the file so you can see what’s tripping 2.12.

Thanks, back to the grind:slight_smile:

I am having the same issue.

I’m having the opposite problem - files that loaded fine pre-2.12 now don’t, but if you keep trying, about 1/3 of the time they do. And when they fail, it’s at random points throughout the loading process, sometimes even straight away, as soon as you click. Then, an hour later, everything suddenly loads fine for a while, then issues start again.

We’d love examples of files that you’re having trouble loading or saving with 2.12. You can send them to us by creating a support ticket -

Please include information about your machine you are running PreForm on too. That might be important here. Thanks!

I have been having the same problem, saving form files since the last software update.

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