Failed saving form file

After updating the printer, these messages will be repeated repeatedly and will not be saved. What should I do?

I try to save but continue to fail


Hi there, got the same problem here since i made the last update. Any Ideas?

@poping2 @DerSockelshop Thanks for letting us know and the image of the error you’re getting will be a big help. A member of our support team will be in touch to help troubleshoot this with both of you.

I keep getting this same error code as well. I urgently need to run a batch this morning. I have not been able to roll back the software to the last version either. This is loosing me $?

Thanks Formlabs Team.
The error is always the same. If i open a pre-form print file i always get the error message “can´t safe pre-form file”.
If i import a new stl file and try to safe the pre-form file i got the same error.
Not possible to safe a pre-form print file.

Hi Guys, I have the same. What to do?

Good morning. So how do you solve this problem?

I got the same error since the last update. What’s going on?

Hello guys any idea how to solve that?

@WesternDental @DerSockelshop @TuanNguyen @Wargamer Thanks for your reports here. These have been a big help in allowing us to quickly track down this bug and we’re actively working on a fix to be released shortly.

This seems to mostly affect large file size but if you’re consistently running into the error, a downgrade is the best option. Here are direct download links for 2.11.3 on Mac and Windows. Let me know if you run into any issues with downgrading.

Quick update: There was a bug in 2.12.0 that caused issues with saving certain types of files. We’ve just released an update that corrects this behavior, 2.12.1, and you can download it here! Thanks to everyone who reported this and helped us to get it corrected quickly. If you run into any issues with this release, let me know.

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I had exactly same issue and made request for help for this matter.
I just downloaded the new update. Hope this helps.

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