BACK AGAIN...Failed Saving Form File

I found the thread on this issue back in Sept 2017 and it looks like the issue has resurfaced.

I’ve just started to noticing this issue, but seems to occur only when I leave Preform open from the night before while my computer is in sleep mode.

The only way to get it to save again is if I restart Preform.

So I need to shut Preform down at the end to the day to avoid this issue, which was never an issue before.

What is going on?
Failed saving form file

Hi victorM9985,

I would try going to Save as instead of Save when saving the form file and see if that helps with the issue.
If that does not help, I would create a support case with our support team with those steps to reproduce the issue - the PreForm log file can potentially help too.

Phil, I tried that and it did not work.

I will create a support case as you suggested.

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I’ve been having this issue occasionally also.

Hi all,

Thank you for sharing your experience. I did try to recreate the issue on my end on my laptop and could not, so bringing this to the support team’s attention with the log files and as much information as possible (my gut is to see if you have a removable/separate network drive that PreForm might be trying to use after waking up) will help us figure out what is going on.

Definitely feel free to update us here, as I am personally curious myself, and it’ll definitely help those people that only browse the forums.