"File save operation failed: None"

I’m working on a project to print a virus capsid, and I’ve encountered a mysterious error. When I try to save this object as a .form file, I get a “File save operation failed: None” error and a broken 5kb file. It only happens for this object and a related one. Other proteins rendered with same same method have no problem. I’ve tried exporting in different formats, cleaning the mesh, and repairing holes, but the error remains. Can anyone fill me in on what this error message could be referring to? Thanks =)

Hmmm. That’s definitely a bug, James. Thanks for reporting it. If you can share the file, I’ll pass it on to our software team and they can take a look.

You can download the files at this link. Thanks for the quick response!

Thanks, James. I’ve passed this on, and we’ll take a look — quickly, what OS and version of PreForm are you using (I can tell from the screenshot, but just want to confirm).

Windows 7 and PreForm 1.5.2. I tried PreForm 1.6 and received the same error message.

Hi James,

this seems to an error that could potentially be related to the filename you are using (maybe unicode? we did run into issues with this before). Can you please contact me at manuel@formlabs.com so that we can investigate this further?

Regards, Manuel