Anyone else seeing these various Preform bugs

I’ve been doing a lot of printing the last several weeks, and encountered a few various Preform bugs. No time right now to post full instructions to reproduce them, but in the meantime I’m wondering if anyone else has seen these:

  • Importing a model shows “Model needs repair” dialog but the repair progress bar never starts. Tends to happen if I reuse an existing Preform session which was previously working with other model files. If I close and restart Preform it fixes the issue every time (although in an inconsistent manner - i.e. sometimes on re-opening the file in a fresh Preform the warning no longer appears; but if it does appear the repair progress bar works reliably). If it matters, I tend to import via drag-and-drop, not File | Open.

  • Preform generates a “star-topology” support base attached to thin air:

  • Opening the lid for the Form 1+ during upload of a print causes the upload to fail with an “Unknown Error” in Preform near the end of the “Calculating” progress bar. Uploads no longer work again until you reboot the connected PC. I’ve seen it happen several times, haven’t nailed down the exact cause yet aside from I tended to open the lid every time it happened. This might also have to do with unplugging / replugging USB devices or sleep mode (although I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it occur without the latter).

I did open support tickets recently on a couple of these.

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